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World class processing

In the video above, you can see the entire process for making Möller’s Cod Liver Oil – all the way from fish to bottle.

Pureness guarantee

Möller’s delivers a pureness guarantee based on quality of raw material, gentle processing and strict quality assurance. The Arctic cod comes from the world’s purest seas where the levels of toxins and other environmental contaminants are at a minimum. The purity level is also ensured by effective but gentle purification to remove any unwanted material. Möller’s purity level far exceeds the levels set by the authorities. Möller’s Cod Liver Oil goes through 8 strict quality controls and analyzes to test for oxidation values, omega 3 content and vitamin levels.

Leading edge technology and methods

Ever since the establishing of Möller’s in 1854, the company has been committed to constantly improve the processing technologies and methods to secure pure and well-tasting cod liver oil products.

Natural products

Möller’s Cod Liver Oil is kept in its natural (triglyceride) form as oil straight from wild Norwegian Arctic cod. By using completely fresh raw material and effective but gentle world class processing, we manage to preserve the unique health benefits from the cod liver.

Unique freshness

in order to secure fresh and tasteful Cod Liver Oil, we only employ the very best and fresh cod liver directly from the sea. The catch is delivered daily to the local fisheries and the liver used for production is less than 24h old. To maintain the freshness of the oil throughout the manufacturing and purification processes, we have designed a production and purification environment allowing the lowest exposure to oxygen as possible. Exposure to oxygen in production can lead to rancidity of the oils and is one of the factors that separate good quality oils from bad quality oils.

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