DHA omega-3 fatty acid is an essential element in caring for your brain

Did you know, that the human organism stops producing nerve cells after reaching the age of 2? And also did you know that DHA omega-3 fatty acid is an essential element which cares for your brain?

After reaching the age of two, the human brain develops by creating connections between individual nerve cells, but the production of these nerve cells stops.  The newborn brain weighs approximately 380g, that of a two-year old 1.1 kg.  The brain of an adult weighs 1.3 kilograms* and for the most part it is made up of fat.  A unique characteristic of the brain is its selective absorption of DHA fatty acid from fat which we consume.  Communication between brain cells and the rest of the organism takes place thanks to millions of messages produced each second.  The faster each individual message travels between cells the faster our cognitive processes occur, allowing us for example to understand various things, consider problems, or put together letters into words and words into sentences.

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Research has shown that there is a connection between consumption of DHA fatty acid by the mother and proper development of the child brain**. Thanks to this the child gains a base for all the challenges which await, when they will be growing up, solving small and big problems both in school and at home.

Since our body does not produce omega-3 fatty acids we must provide them to our organism in the form of food. Möller’s Norwegian Cod Liver Oil contains a large amount of high quality natural DHA fatty acid, obtained from fresh fish.

One spoonful of Möller’s Norwegian Cod Liver Oil meets the daily requirement for omega-3 fatty acids recommended by Scandinavian food and nutrition institutions. A good alternative for children and adults who do not like the taste of cod liver oil would be Omega-3 in the form of capsules and gummy fish.

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**Beneficial effect is achieved with consumption of 250 mg EPA and DHA + 200 mg DHA.

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