How to choose the right omega-3?

In order for an omega-3 product to provide you with the positive health effect you are looking for, these 3 criteria must be met.

1) 1 gram omega-3 per day

You should get 1 gram of omega-3 a day to achieve a really good effect on your health.

Check: How much omega-3 a product provides per day dose can be found on the package.

2) Correct type of omega-3

Omega-3 is a general term for a group of different fatty acids. Some of these fatty acids have proven to have positive health effects. Therefore, choosing products that give you the omega-3 types that actually have a proven effect, namely DHA and EPA.

Check: DHA and EPA are only available in omega-3 from the ocean so that omega-3 from grains, seeds and plants does not meet this criterion. Serious manufacturers state on the package how much of these two types of omega-3 product contains. If you do not find DHA or EPA anywhere on the package, it is likely that the product does not contain them.

3) Natural form

Although omega-3 is found in nature, it is possible to produce omega-3 in an artificial or synthetic form called ethyl ester. We recommend that you look for products that have omega-3 in the form found in nature; Triglycerides or phospholipids.

Check: The natural forms of omega-3 are called triglycerides or phospholipids in the language of the profession. This can be difficult to check yourself, but some manufacturers state this on the package. Otherwise, call your supplier to ask.

The amount of omega-3 is critical to the effect, but there may be major differences in omega-3 content in various omega-3 products. Some sources of omega-3 naturally contain more omega-3 than others. Norwegian health authorities recommend a daily intake of 1-2 grams of omega-3.

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