Magic from the North

Cod liver oil has a long history in both folk and traditional medicine in northern Europe. Considered a delicacy in Scotland and Norway for centuries, fresh cod liver was revered for medicinal purposes long before Peter Möller invented a modern method to extract its health-giving oil.

Peter Möller – the man behind the golden oil

Möller’s was founded in 1854 by the pharmacist Peter Möller. Peter Möller’s dedication and belief in the historical health benefits derived from drinking cod liver oil, rich in omega-3 fatty acida, later led to the discovery of natural vitamin A and D levels which further added to the importance of the product. 

Since establishing the Peter Möller company, the history has been one of improved processing methods to optimize quality, purity and taste of Möller’s products. 

Today we can thank Peter Möller’s for bringing the healthy oil to people all over the world.

Peter Möller 1793-1869



Girls standing in line to receive their daily spoon of Möller's in 1925 at Sandaker primary school, Oslo

Essential part of Norwegian's regular diet for 170 years

Möller’s cod liver oil has been an essential part of Norwegian’s health routines since 1854.

During 1929-1963, Möller’s cod liver oil was included in the governments school project “The Oslo breakfast” to ensure that all students got a healthy and nutritious start to their day.

100% Wild Northeast Arctic cod

Möller’s cod liver oil is made from Northeastern Arctic cod. Sourced from the waters of Lofoten and Vesterålen. 

Every year the Northeast Arctic cod, locally known as “Skrei” goes through an astonishing journey through the Barents seas to reach their spawning grounds by the Norwegian coast. By the time they reach the Norwegian archipelago it is the fittest, strongest and leanest cod in the world – giving its unique quality. 

The cod spawning season last from January to April. This is the only time during the year you can get freshly caught cod.


Lofoten - a special place throughout history

Ever since the first people came to Lofoten over 7 000 years ago, they have caught the Northeast Arctic cod, famous all over Europe since at least 860. It’s no wonder its fisheries are such an important part of this region’s history.

Cod is naturally rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals

Highest quality and freshness

The cod used in Möller’s products are caught using traditional fishing vessels. First steps of liver processing start up to 24 hours after the catch to ensure the highest quality and freshness.

The iconic green bottle

The Möller’s iconic green bottles havn’t changed much since the company founder Peter Möller was the only person allowed to fill them as an assurance of the quality of their contents. 

From the beginning Möller’s was only sold through pharmacies, today you can  buy Möller’s in pharmacies but also in grocery stores, drug stores and on e-commerce platforms.