Why Möller’s?

Trusted omega-3 supplement through generations

Since 1854 we have supported and simplified Scandinavian families daily health routines with omega-3 of the purest quality. 

One spoon a day is all you need! 

Norwegian proven healthcare since 1854

Essential part of Norwegians regular diet since 1854

Möller’s cod liver oil has been used and approved by Norwegian families for generations. Today, Möller’s is still an essential part of Norwegians regular diet and is Norway’s number 1 omega-3 brand. 

Sourced from 100% Wild Northeast Arctic cod

Caught and produced in Norway

Möller’s is a 100% Norwegian product sourced and produced in Norway using only the highest quality ingredients. The cod liver is known for its richness in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin A and D

Excellent quality and control

Highest quality and control

All the oil we use is thoroughly cleaned and refined in several steps and controlled up to eight times throughout the process. All Möller’s products follow the strict freshness standards set by Codex Standard for Fish oils and GOED (Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s)(www.goedomega3.com)

Award winning taste

Winner of Superior Taste Award 2023

For several years Möller’s cod liver oils have been awarded The Superior Taste Award by the International Taste Institute in Brussels, Belgium.  

Fully traceable

Fully traceable

Möller’s is certified by Friend of the Sea. Friend of the Sea is one of the most important international, non-profit certification organizations for products that originate from sustainable fisheries.

Everything caught is used

Everything caught is used

The cod liver is a by-product thus contributing to the utilization of the entire fish. Any left-over residue from the processing is used for biofuel and animal feeds. By making by-products from by-products our supply chain is truly circular! 

Möller's is an expert in the field of marine oils rich in the omega-3

Our long history has given us a unique knowledge about the best raw material, where to find it and how it must be processed to provide great taste and pure products. 

Möller’s products are made of oily fish, extremely rich in omega-3. The most important omega-3 fatty acids are EPA and DHA which are both found in our cod liver oil and fish oil products.

Quality and control throughout the entire value chain

The cod used in Möller’s cod liver oil products is caught using small traditional fishing vessels in the cold and clean waters of Lofoten, Vesterålen and at the northern coast of Norway.

The fish is processed within 24 hours after the catch, to ensure highest quality and freshness. The oil is later transported to our factory in Oslo for further quality control checks, then tapped on our iconic glass bottles and shipped to our consumers worldwide.

Why you should take Möller's cod liver oil every day!

Möller’s cod liver oil is a natural source of omega-3 and also contains vitamins A, D and E supporting your immune system, brain, heart and vision. 

The history of Lofoten

The fabled fishing in Lofoten and Vesterålen has been the backbone of this region’s existence for thousands of years.

Fresh fish
The Northeast Arctic cod (Skrei), migrates hundreds of kilometres in the Barents Sea, from the polar ice to its preferred habitat for spawning – Lofoten and Vesterålen. 

Only the highest-quality ingredients are used in Möller’s products, thanks to the extremely rigorous quality control system.

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